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Stay On Target!!

Here's a Little bit about our Process for your NEW Analog Whiteboard Video!

We take care of concepts to completion. There’s no need to submit visual suggestions as we have the experience of conceptualizing hundreds of videos and know how to bring your ideas to life visually.

We look after project management, voiceover talent and product, script suggestions, video production and editing. All you have to do is prepare the project materials and work with our team through the steps below. It is our job to ensure the script, voiceover and video conceptualize your ideas and are attuned to your audience!

Step 1 - Project info

Project outline and goals, Target audience, How and where you will be displaying the video, Your project materials will all be needed to begin.

Step 2 - Script

Work with our script writer to review, edit and approve your video script. (Two revisions available) or supply your own script.

Step 3 - Voiceover

Voices are sourced in-house. If an outside VO source is desired, you will have to supply it at your own expense.

Step 4 - Sketches

Review and approve our draft sketches with images placed inline with the script to help you understand how the concepts will be revealed visually. (One revision available)

Step 5 - Mural layout

Addition of your chosen accent color to the images and present the sketches redrawn in a mural layout. (One revision available)

Step 6 - Filming

Filming and editing to match images to voice.(Any revisions after this point are charged at $100/hour). 

Step 7 - Export and Delivery

Pay remaining balance to have completed video supplied in 1080p HD in the format of your choice.

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